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Nadine Khouri, Business Owner (Bahrain)
"Being coached by Charmaigne was a powerful and insightful experience. Her ability to provide a safe space while asking powerful, thought- provoking questions meant that I was able to peel back the layers and initiate meaningful inner transformation and growth."
Joanne Piper, Marketing Coordinator (London)
"I was a little apprehensive about having a life coach, but Charmaigne rapidly put me at ease. She helped me recognise and administer changes in my life which have enabled me to progress and move forward in many ways. I’d highly recommend Charmaigne as a life coach."
Cori Albos, Student 
"Working with Charmaigne has made many positive changes in my life and helped me reach my goals. I would strongly recommend working with Charmaigne at your earliest opportunity."
Gulay Sahin, mum and
homemaker (London)
“Charmaigne is a fantastic life coach, from the moment "go" in our introduction she was caring, positive, and upbeat. Our sessions were just as great.

She has helped me to focus on the positive things in my life and opened my eyes to see how the negative things in my life were holding me back!! I feel positive for my future and I am seeing big changes.

I cannot say enough about Charmaigne, she was just so caring. Thank you for making my future look brighter!!!"
Joy Lacdao, Core Client Support Executive (London)
"Two years ago, I felt stuck in a ten-year job routine and wanted to grow, learn new skills, and take on new challenges. However, my fear of change and self-doubt held me back from a job change, and as an introvert, connecting with new people felt daunting.

Charmaigne provided a supportive and encouraging space and I felt safe to explore my vulnerabilities and fears. Not only did she help me identify my strengths, but she also taught me how to manage my anxieties and embrace new opportunities. Thanks to her coaching, I'm now working with companies that have allowed me to grow in ways I never thought possible in my previous jobs.

Thank you for transforming my "what ifs" into confident "I dids." I am forever grateful for your transformative coaching. 🙏"
Karen Green, Business Support Executive (London)
“Before I started working with Charmaigne, I was feeling lost and overwhelmed by the major changes happening in my life. The uncertainty of the future filled me with stress and anxiety, making it hard to see beyond the present moment. However, Charmaigne's coaching has been a beacon of light in my life. She has not only guided me through the challenges but also helped me see the opportunities within them. With her support and expertise, I now look forward to the future with hope and excitement. Charmaigne has a unique way of making you feel understood and empowered, and I am truly grateful for the positive transformation she has brought into my life.”
PHOTO_Tracey Fogg _edited.jpg
Tracey Fogg, Practice Executive (London)
"I've never had a life coach before and working with Charmaigne Castro Coaching was a real eye opener.  Charmaigne helped me to see things in a different way, enabling me to understand perhaps where others are coming from and giving me tools to navigate difficult situations and building on relationships.  I would definitely recommend Charmaigne Castro Coaching"
Tiffany James, Client Revenue Specialist (London)
"Coaching with Charmaigne has been such a positive experience. The guidance she has given me has been really helpful in pushing me to progress and follow my goals.
The coaching Charmaigne has provided, has been so valuable, she is such a supportive coach. Charmaigne has challenged me and encouraged me to push beyond my comfort zone in order to achieve.
Overall, I'm extremely happy with the coaching sessions that I received from Charmaigne and would highly recommend her as a coach. Charmaigne's dedication has made a significant impact on my progress"
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