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My name is Charmaigne Castro

My mission is to transform, elevate and empower, incredible women like you to breakthrough fear and embrace change through powerful, thought-provoking conversations and immersive, holistic coaching experiences.

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My Story

My personal journey began in London, UK, when I was just 16. My mother returned to our native Philippines, leaving me to navigate my young adult years without the comfort of parental support. Being the only member of my family born in the UK, I found myself shouldering the heavy responsibility of providing financial assistance to my family back home. While I took pride in being able to help them, this duty eclipsed my own personal needs and aspirations.


By the time I reached my thirties, I had become a stranger to myself. Lost in the demands of others, I had somehow forgotten to tend to my own happiness and fulfilment. I was lost, unhappy and unsure of my life's direction and purpose. This part of my journey was the catalyst that has led me to becoming a certified professional coach.

I love being a coach and deeply value the power of coaching. I know first-hand how it has transformed my life and I get immense satisfaction from seeing my clients overcome their challenges and grow.


I’m passionate about helping you lean into your fears and seeing the light so that you can live a life brimming with excitement, courage, and love.


My clients describe my coaching as thought-provoking, warm, and empowering. Together, it’s about creating positive outcomes for all connected.


My journey has taken me on a deep voyage of personal discovery and self-reflection, manifesting in a heartfelt desire to help others.


I understand the overwhelming sensation of feeling lost, trapped, or apprehensive about change. I know what it's like to desire something yet be paralyzed by fear - fear of hurting others, fear of venturing into the unknown, fear of judgment, fear of failure, or even fear of success.


If this resonates with where you are in your life right now, and despite your best efforts, you can't seem to make that significant shift, I invite you to consider allowing me the honour of accompanying you on your transformational journey.


Are you ready?

Three things you might not know about me


When I was traveling around New Zealand, I did a 10,000 ft tandem skydive. I was so excited but also really nervous. When it was my turn to jump, I froze so, the pilot had to tilt the plane. Instead of jumping off, I slid off it.


When I was living in Barcelona, I met Ronaldhino, the Brazilian footballer. As we were introduced he took my hand and kissed it like a true gentleman.


My go to comfort binge TV show is “Friends”.

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