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Is staying in our comfort zones always a bad thing?

is staying in our comfort zones always a bad thing?

Have you ever wondered why it's so challenging to make changes, even when we know they're good for us? Whether it's resisting that tempting chocolate cake when we're trying to shed those extra pounds or skipping a workout when we know it'll make us feel fantastic afterward. We all struggle with stepping out of our comfort zones.


Well, the truth is, stepping outside our cosy routines requires effort and discipline, which can be tough for many of us. But is sticking to our comfort zone always a bad thing? According to Caroline Foran, author of The Confidence Kit, our comfort zone isn't inherently good or bad—it's more about how long we choose to stay there.


While our comfort zone provides a sense of safety and control, prolonged stays can hinder our growth and fulfilment. The key, as Caroline suggests, is to gradually expand our comfort zone to reach what she calls "optimal-anxiety." This sweet spot pushes us just enough to grow without feeling overwhelmed, leading us into the productive "Learning Zone."


By consistently nudging our boundaries and embracing discomfort in manageable doses, we can stretch our comfort zones over time. Soon enough, what once felt daunting will become second nature.


So, going back to our previous example, how about swapping that chocolate cake for a delicious chocolate protein shake instead? And if hitting the gym sounds like a daunting task, why not crank up some music and dance around your house for a quick energy boost and a fun way to get your heart pumping?


Remember, it's all about taking small steps outside your comfort zone, experiencing growth, and then pushing a bit further. Before you know it, you'll be amazed at what you can achieve!



To your inner superpower!

Charmaigne x


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