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Are you thriving or surviving?

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a cycle of rationalising, coping, or compromising because the fear of change is hindering you from living a life that resonates with your true purpose and values? Thriving or surviving? If so, it's time to break free from this cycle and elevate your energy level.


In the Energy Leadership framework, Level 3 represents taking responsibility for how you interpret situations and your role in improving your life. At this level, you recognise your ability to influence your feelings towards various situations and people. You are not influenced by external factors in how you react or feel. This mindset leads to self-forgiveness, facing challenges with a rational outlook, and promoting cooperation even when dealing with judgments towards others.

Are you thriving or surviving?

Meet Susan. Susan is a passionate individual who has settled for a job that doesn't fulfil her. She's been rationalising, staying in a situation that no longer serves her, coping with daily challenges, and compromising her true desires due to the fear of stepping into the unknown.


If Susan's story resonates with you, it's time to move beyond Level 3 energy. Here are empowering questions to help you break free from the fear of change:


1. What am I gaining by staying in my comfort zone, and what am I potentially sacrificing by not making a change?


2. How can I see fear as a driving force for personal development and positive transformation?


3. What small step can I take today to start moving towards a life aligned with my true purpose and values?


Don't allow fear to hinder you from living authentically. Embrace transformation, step out of your comfort zone, and begin your journey towards a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life.


Ready to embark on the path of transformation? Reply to this email and let's schedule a complimentary Discover Call and see how we can kickstart your journey towards alignment and authenticity!


To your inner superpower!

Charmaigne x


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